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 Able Workspace

 Able Workspace

 Able Workspace

Assisting businesses to meet their goals of hiring professionals with disabilities while building a stronger work environment.

Assisting special organizations focused on supporting those with disabilities to reach their employment placement goals.

Preparing teenagers and young adults with disabilities to build strong communication skills for futures in today's workforce.

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of persons with Autism and intellectual disabilities are unemployed.


Able Workspace (AW) is an engagement and development process. AW is the blueprint for consistency that helps employers and individuals with different disabilities to connect and benefit each other. Businesses are challenged with finding and keeping employees. Special organizations that service disabled individuals need service resources to prepare the people they work with for various employment environments. Every day, family members with disabilities need specific employment development training to help increase their independence and overall quality of life.


Download our free e-book and introduce Able Workspace to your business, organization or family member dealing with a disability. 


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Camille Boyd

Able Workspace

Camille Boyd is a parent, educator and Speech/Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience providing social skills training for children, teens and adults with different abilities such as Autism. Camille has been a board-certified practicing member of the American Speech/ Language and Hearing Association since 1996. Camille graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor of Science and received a full scholarship to Southern Connecticut State University, where she received her master’s degree in Communication Disorders. Camille is licensed to practice in three states: Virginia, Connecticut and South Carolina. She is certified in social and behavioral communication for persons with Autism. She has served large school districts such as Norfolk Public Schools, New Haven and Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, helping each district build social communication programs for children with Autism and intellectual disabilities. Camille has served as a speech/language pathologist at Yale New-Haven Hospital for nine years, helping create cutting-edge treatment systems for physical rehabilitation patients.

One of her passions revolves around restoring humanity to others through communication. Appropriate social skills are key to accessing education, jobs and community life.

In 2018, Camille transformed her speech therapy practice, Take Back Your Power LLC, to include virtual social skill training for teens and parent coaching, preparing their young adults for the work world. Over her career, she has cultivated a passion translating functional communication and social skills to help those with different abilities live full lives with friends, jobs and increased independence. In 2019, Camille Boyd began working with nonprofit agencies to build inclusive workplace training programs. In 2020, Camille was awarded the Rising Star Entrepreneur by the Connecticut Women’s Business Development Council and was a special guest of the international Podcast, “Moments of Joy.”
In 2022, Camille launched Able Workspace. Now, businesses, nonprofit organizations and families can benefit from innovative processes that include integrated training programs to prepare disabled individuals for the workforce and help businesses improve their bottom line by obtaining quality employees.


Behind the process of changing the lives of the disabled.

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